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Train health professionals, develop diagnosis and participate in prevention and treatment cancers in people with albinism : the Pierre Fabre Foundation contributes to filling the gap for the management of skin diseases in Africa.

Skin diseases are among the first reasons people seek medical consultation in emerging countries, but they are difficult to treat due to the lack of medicalstaff training in peripheral health centres in these “non-priority” pathologies, the complications of which can nevertheless be severe if not promptly treated. For example, impetigo can lead to kidney failure.

This challenge is coupled with a marked lack of dermatologists, forcing patients to make long and expensive trips to seek medical advice in major urban areas. These ailments, the leading reasons behind medical consultations, are often treated in peripheral centres that suffer from a severe lack of specialists and personnel little-trained in non-priority diseases. This situation is of great concern, especially as the populations have a genuine need.

These circumstances led the Fondation Pierre Fabre to invest in the field of teledermatology with a twofold commitment: training healthcare workers to treat the most common diseases and providing the technical capacities needed to entrust the more difficult cases to specialists.

At the same time, the Foundation works on behalf of people with albinism – a condition with particularly high prevalence in Africa – to prevent them from developing the skin cancers to which they are prone, but which can nevertheless be avoided with greater awareness of preventive measures to take and monitoring by dermatologists.

Dr. Mariem Kebe Dermato-allergologue et secrétaire générale de la Société Mauritanienne de Dermatologie (SMD)

Providing a high-quality medical service to population groups who would otherwise have nothing at all.”

Dr. Mariem KEBE
Skin allergy specialist and General Secretary of the Mauritanian Society of Dermatology (SMD).

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Kinshasa: a joint declaration to promote the rights of people with albinism in Africa


On 19 and 20 October 2021, the Fondation Pierre Fabre took part in the first Pan-African Albinism Colloquium. The event was held in Kinshasa and attended by key figures, such as Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, President of the Republic of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Chairperson of the African Union, and one hundred representatives from 16 African countries, including Burundi, Mali, Burkina Faso, Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania.

2020 Annual Report


The present pandemic has heightened the disparities in access to healthcare and the vulnerabilities in many countries in which the Fondation Pierre Fabre operates. The Foundation has chosen to become increasingly involved in countries in crisis and with the most disadvantaged populations. In this digital report, including videos and testimonials, we summarise the Foundation’s programmes and initiatives, as well as its governance and modus operandi, based on our partnerships and support given by local entities. Here in these pages, our allies in the field share their perceptions of existing needs and implemented solutions.