Training of drugs specialists

— A public health issue in Southern countries —

Formation des professionnels du médicament
Being given the ability to rely on their own drug specialists is an invaluable forward step for the countries of the South.
To further this progress, Fondation Pierre Fabre has made training a priority.

As is widely known, especially since the Kampala Declaration in 2008, the shortage of qualified personnel is a major obstacle to public health in the least-developed countries. Sending funding and medicines without the support of adequate human resources is an ineffective strategy over the long term.

Pierre Fabre was acutely aware of this reality when creating the Foundation. Which is why he focused his efforts on training pharmacists and drug specialists. He believed that integrating seasoned professionals into the healthcare systems of the least-developed countries was the only way to provide consistent, long-term access to quality medicines.

With the support of a network of French academics, the Foundation devotes its energies to updating the pharmaceutical curricula in countries of the South and overseeing training of teachers and students, sometimes to the doctorate level. Approaching the issue from another angle, the Foundation helps governments battle the spectacular rise in counterfeit drugs, boosting the resources and skills of their quality control laboratories and other central purchasing entities.

Fondation Pierre Fabre ultimately intends to expand its expertise to encompass all health workers, in both initial training and continuing education. Doing so entails developing distance education in addition to the in-person courses already in place. It is a way for the Foundation to address the increasingly complex public health issues in the South.

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A Hanoi Event Dedicated to Pharmacists and Drug Quality


On 11 December 2019, in Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi, the students of the sixth and final Master Mékong Pharma class were awarded their degrees and a new cooperation programme was announced. To mark the occasion, a special presentation was made on the pharmacist’s role in drug quality assurance
Training pharmacists in the Global South is a top public-health priority that the Fondation Pierre Fabre has chosen to support over the long term

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