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The Fondation Pierre Fabre

The Fondation Pierre Fabre, recognized as being of public utility, is working since 1999 to improve access to quality medicines and healthcare in the Global South

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Restoring dignity to victims of sexual violence: the work of Dr Denis Mukwege in the DRC.
Since 2018, the Fondation Pierre Fabre has been supporting the work of Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize winner, in favour of victims of sexual and gender-based violence. In February 2020 he received us at the reference hospital of Panzi in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Teledermatology : Innovating to improve access to healthcare

The Fondation Pierre Fabre has been developing an ambitious teledermatology programme in Mali since 2015 to ensure that all those with skin diseases can access needed diagnostic services. Learn more about this programme and how it helps the sick in this report filmed in Mali.


Albinism sufferers are one of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups of sub-Saharan Africa, because they are particularly exposed to the risk of skin cancer. Studies estimate that the majority die of skin cancer between the ages of 30 and 40. Fondation Pierre Fabre is working alongside NGO Standing Voice on the development of special care programmes.

Engagement against sickle celle disease in Burkina Faso
In Burkina Faso, the Pierre Fabre Foundation is running an awareness, screening and patient treatment programme in conjunction with the Sickle Cell Initiative Committee for Burkina.

Creation of a Mobile Medical Unit in Lebanon
Faced with the heavy influx of refugees in the Bekaa valley near the Syrian border, the Order of Malta and the Fondation Pierre Fabre have teamed up to address the medical needs of these populations


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