Board of directors

Fondation Pierre Fabre is overseen by a Board of Directors that meets at least twice annually. The Board establishes guidelines, approves strategic projects and ensures the proper management of the Foundation. It has 14 members divided into three colleges:

The Council of Founders

  • M. Pierre-Yves Revol, President of Fondation Pierre Fabre
  • M. Jacques Fabre, Secretary of Fondation Pierre Fabre
  • M. Jacques Godfrain, Treasurer (former Minister for Cooperation)
  • Mme Huong Mangin, CEO of companies
  • M. Francis Piquemal, Administrator of companies
  • M. Jean-Pierre Marcantoni, Cardiologist

Ex officio members

  • M. Jean-Michel Mougard, Spokesperson for the French Interior Minister, Prefect of Tarn
  • M. Jean-Pierre Lamarque, Spokesperson to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development, Doctor, Advisor on international development and health care for Western Africa

Co-opted members

  • M. Bertrand Parmentier, former company CEO
  • M. Alain Mérieux, PhD in Pharmacy, President of the Mérieux Institute
  • M. Jean-Martin Cohen Solal, Doctor, Executive Officer of Mutualité Française
  • M. François Challeil, honorary notary
  • M. Luong N’Guyen, PhD in medicine, specialising in ophthalmology
  • M. le Professeur Pierre Teillac, Urology surgeon


The management team, under the leadership of the Director General, suggests programmes and initiatives to the Board and ensure programme implementation, coordination and monitoring.

Management team

  • Mme Béatrice Garrette, Director General
  • Mr Jean-Paul Caubère, Scientific Director
  • Mme Véronique Teyssié, Project manager
  • Mme Françoise Nepveu, Scientific advisor
  • Mme Elodie Montagne Moulis, General secretary
  • Mlle Emilie Lauressergues, Research officer
  • Mr Guillaume Festivi, Director of ccomunication


The scientific committee

With eight eminent scientists, the Scientific Committee proposes and gives advisory opinions on major priorities and on the programme of action.

  • Professor Pierre Teillac, Urology surgeon, Director of the Curie Institute hospital group from 2011 to 2014
  • Professor Jean Cros, Pharmacologist, Scientific advisor to Fondation Pierre Fabre
  • Professor Dapa Diallo, Haematologist, CEO of the CRLD in Bamako (Mali)
  • Professor Marc Gentilini, Specialist in infectious and tropical diseases Emeritus Professor at the Hôpital de la Pitié Salpétrière, Member of the Academy of Medicine, which he presided over in 2008, Founding President of the Organisation Panafricaine de Lutte pour la Santé (OPALS) President of the French Red Cross from 1997 to 2004
  • Professor Gérard Lorette, Dermatologist, Full Professor, Head of the University Medical Centre of Tours, member of the Molecular Virology and Immunology Research Team, UMR 1282 INRA - Tours University
  • Professor Gil Tchernia, Haematology Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Paris XI
  • Professor Michel Vidal, Pharmacochemist, Head of the "Peptides and Peptidomimetics for Anti-Angiogenesis" at UMR 8638 CNRS - University Paris Descartes
  • Doctor Claire Rieux, Haematologist, Hospital Henri Mondor, advisor in epidemiology and humanitarian medicine
  • Doctor Bernard Vallat, Veterinary surgeon, General director of OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health)


All duties and functions of the members of both the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee are performed on a volunteer basis.