Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sickle cell disease

— Burkina Faso —


As one of the world’s 10 least-developed countries, Burkina Faso has a record rate of sickle cell disease: 2% of newborns will suffer from major syndromes. Yet no national programme has been implemented to fight this scourge. As a result, most cases are discovered too late, based on complications from the disease.

In 2014, Fondation Pierre Fabre signed a partnership with the Comité d’Initiative contre la Drépanocytose au Burkina (Sickle Cell Disease Initiative Committee in Burkina or CID/B), a non-profit organisation that has been very active since 2006. Together, starting in 2015 and over a three-year period, they will implement a project of unprecedented magnitude in the country, built upon three objectives. The first objective is to raise awareness by creating a dedicated information centre (see above photo of an information session and screening). The second is to improve access to care by creating a pilot centre inside Saint Camille Hospital in Ouagadougou, the main activities of which will be doctor’s visits, a day clinic and orthopaedic surgery. The last is to offer systematic neonatal diagnosis in the Saint Camille Hospital maternity ward. Because only screening done before the age of six months can effectively reduce the Sickle cell disease mortality rate. Biological analyses will be performed by the Haemoglobin Diagnostic Reference Laboratory at the University of Ouagadougou.

For each of these objectives, the CID/B manages the day-to-day tasks and administration and the Foundation provides logistical and financial support. It purchases items such as equipment and medical material for each structure, including the University’s haematology laboratory. Based on its experience in other countries on the continent, it also advises the CID/B on its communications initiatives and new partnerships.


Combating Sickle cell disease


Type of involvement
Distributor and operator


  • Provides fully-equipped facilities at the Saint Camille Hospital (day clinic rooms and orthopaedic operating theatre).
  • Supports the creation of an information centre to receive the public and provide genetic counselling.
  • Provides the University with fully-equipped analysis laboratory facilities to begin neonatal screening.

Comité d’Initiative contre la Drépanocytose au Burkina (CID/B)
06 BP 9396 Ouagadougou 06

In Burkina Faso, the Pierre Fabre Foundation is running an awareness, screening and patient treatment programme in conjunction with the Sickle Cell Initiative Committee for Burkina.



partner health facilities

information centres set up for awareness-raising

training sessions to train 120 health workers in pain management

Futures initiatives

The second phase of the programme aims to contribute to the definition of a national policy to combat sickle-cell disease.

This is the first time an external partner has seen the determination and efforts made at the national level to address sickle cell disease. A partner was responsive to our needs for facilities and medical equipment to better cope with the ever-increasing demands of those afflicted with the disease. (…) This partner is Fondation Pierre Fabre.”

Dramane Banaon

National Coordinator of the CID/ Burkina


  • Comité d’Initiative contre la Drépanocytose au Burkina (CID/B)
  • Hôpital Saint Camille

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The Fondation Pierre Fabre supports the St Damien Pediatric Hospital

The Fondation Pierre Fabre has been working to combat sickle cell disease in Haiti for several years and now expands this commitment to provide structural support to the St Damien Pediatric Hospital. The Foundation’s help was sought following the earthquake of 14 August 2021, which further weakened an already fragile healthcare system.

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