The Fondation Pierre Fabre supports Africa4Tech


This summit on applying digital and technological innovation to positively impact human development in Africa is being held in Marrakech 2-4 November.

The inaugural edition of this “bootcamp” created by Gilles Babinet, sponsor of the Foundation’s 2016 Observatory, will take the form of workshops and speakers’ presentations addressing innovation on the African continent.

In 2016, the Fondation Pierre Fabre created the E-health Observatory for Southern Countries to identify and gather information on targeted, innovative e-health initiatives with proven health benefits for people in countries of the South.  Fifty-three projects are currently listed in this Observatory, nine of which were given special awards by the Foundation at the Observatory’s maiden conference on 4 July 2016.

Today, the Fondation Pierre Fabre is supporting the first Africa4Tech event, an international summit on applying digital and technological innovation to positively impact human development in Africa.

The event’s objective is to assist, encourage and train Africa’s young innovators. Africa4Tech gives them a chance to take part in conferences, workshops and hackathons to generate practical solutions with a special focus on “frugal innovation” as theorised by Navi Radjou. More than 150 economic and political decision-makers and international experts are expected at this gathering to discuss possible global solutions to the challenges facing the African continent.

The Foundation was invited to take part in the discussions and roundtable on 4 November: “How Can M-Health in Africa Help Solve Worldwide Issues?

The Foundation is also delighted that the sponsors of the Medtrucks and GiftedMom projects recently recognised by the Observatory are among the Young African Innovators selected by Africa4Tech.

To follow the Africa4Tech summit, please visit the event website.

We also invite you to keep up with the latest developments on the E-health Observatory for Southern Countries at, or on Twitter and Facebook.