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Content and publishing agency: Wefactory &Co
Designs and produces content, media (print, digital), events and activities to ensure each of your communities remains dynamic and engaging.
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Design and production

Digital agency: GAYA - La Nouvelle Agence
GAYA – La Nouvelle Agence designs, develops and delivers websites. Our teams work seamlessly with you in designing and implementing your digital strategies.
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Photo credits

© Sipa Press
William Alix / SIPA - Nicolas Axelrod / SIPA - Cherkaoui / SIPA - Albert Facelly / SIPA - Lydie Lecarpentier / SIPA - Ruth Mc Dowall / SIPA - Alfred Yaghobzadeh / SIPA
© Fondation Pierre Fabre Photo Library: main illustration on the DNA page, testimonial insets on the “Discover Our Programmes” pages, main illustration for the programme in Central Africa and Madagascar, main illustration for the Southeast Asia programme, main illustration for the Guinea Conakry programme
© Yann Lamarre Carest: main illustration for the Haiti programme
© Enfants du Mékong: illustration for the article on the Fondation Pierre Fabre’s support for the NGO
© Eric Lefeuvre. Fondation Chirac: illustration for the article on the Cotonou Declaration and the testimonial on the Benin programme
© LCDMF: main illustration for the Madagascar programme against sickle cell disease
© OPALS: main illustration for the programme in the Central African Republic
© Samir Abdelkrim: main illustration for the E-health Observatory programme


Video Credits

© Sipa Press

the 2005 televised public service announcement aired Benin (see Benin programme page)