Episode 3  “2002: Improving access to quality healthcare”


For Pierre Fabre, the relationship between medications and healthcare was clear and, in the early 2000s, he worked to develop a new area of intervention for the Foundation: access to quality healthcare.

“Broadening our areas of intervention to include access to healthcare was essential, because medicines and healthcare clearly go together. Having one without the other is even unthinkable,” explained Pierre Fabre as the Foundation expanded the scope of its work to include prevention and access to quality healthcare in particularly isolated, underprivileged areas. In this third podcast on the Foundation’s history, Véronique Teyssié, Programme Manager for the Fondation Pierre Fabre, Paul Saghbini, Executive Administrator and Hospitaller for the Order of Malta in Lebanon, and Christine Amisi, Director of the Panzi Hospital in the DRC, talk about their work to improve access to healthcare in the Global South.