Publication of an innovative formula for producing a sun protection cream for people with albinism in Africa

Sun protection is still the only medical measure that can be implemented effectively to prevent skin cancer for people with albinism in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Fondation Pierre Fabre in collaboration with the Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmetic Laboratory and the Pierre Fabre Research Institute makes it available to the international community.

On the strength of its experience and with the help of its partners, the Fondation Pierre Fabre makes available to the international community an innovative, suitable solution for producing a sun protection cream. The main features of the cream are: a simple formula, easy to produce with limited resources, stable under hot and humid conditions and has satisfactory sun protection evaluated according to current international standards.

This formula is published online in order to bring it to the knowledge and availability of the international community, in a disinterested and supportive manner, and so that it can be made locally, as our partners in Sub-Saharan Africa are already doing within the framework of our programs.