Podcast 6 : ” 2018, delivering eHealth solutions “


eHealth technologies make it possible to overcome some of the economic, geographic and social barriers to healthcare access. Fondation Pierre Fabre sees them as a solution for the future, and in 2015 set up the Global South eHealth Observatory to facilitate the emergence of the most promising projects and transform access to healthcare in Africa and Asia. In 2018, eHealth became an integral part of its work.

Let’s look back now on the origins of eHealth at the Fondation and its initiatives in this field with insights from Gilles Babinet, the French government’s Digital Champion at the European Commission and member of the Observatory’s expert group, Professor Fode Abass Cissé, eHealth Observatory award winner in 2018, and Professor Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, Member of the Global South eHealth Observatory expert group and coordinator of the eHealth Inter-University Diploma course initiated by Fondation Pierre Fabre.