The Fondation Pierre Fabre joins forces with CANAL+ to raise awareness for 2 major health causes


The Pierre Fabre Foundation, which has been involved for years in the fight against sickle cell disease and the prevention and treatment of skin cancers in people with albinism, the first two causes to be addressed, has naturally joined forces with the Canal+ Group to contribute its knowledge and network of experts to this awareness-raising campaign. Canal+ Afrique will also allow the free broadcast of video content produced by the Pierre Fabre Foundation.

Content and programming for major African causes
Since January 1, 2021, the Canal+ Group has launched the “1 month, 1 cause” operation in Africa. A vehicle for raising awareness of major African causes and challenges, this annual programme highlights the actions of several organisations – foundations, NGOs, institutions – and their local partners working on the ground every day. For this first year, “1 Month, 1 Cause” will highlight the fundamental themes of health, education and youth, the environment and the respect of fundamental rights.

Each month, CANAL+ channels in Africa will mobilise to honour a solidarity actor and its local partners through the broadcasting of programmes, special magazines and advertising space offered to broadcast awareness messages. In addition, thematic fiction and documentary content will be programmed.

The Pierre Fabre Foundation is a partner in this operation. The first two causes aimed in January and February are sickle cell disease and albinism, two diseases that are among the Pierre Fabre Foundation’s priorities.

  • In January: sickle cell disease. This blood disease is the first genetic disease in the world. It affects more than 230,000 newborns each year on the continent. Without treatment, it is estimated that 1 in 2 children will not reach the age of 5. The Pierre Fabre Foundation has made this a priority. Present in 11 countries, it has been working for more than 15 years with its local partners to raise awareness, screen, treat patients and train caregivers. It supports research and carries out advocacy actions.
  • In February: albinism. This hereditary disease affects the pigmentation of the skin, hair and eyes. It affects up to 1 in 1,000 people in some regions and puts them at high risk of developing skin cancers. They are also victims of persecution due to superstition. Present in 8 countries, the Pierre Fabre Foundation works with its local partners to raise awareness, protect, prevent, diagnose and treat skin cancers early.

For Béatrice GARRETTE, Executive Director of the Pierre Fabre Foundation: “The Pierre Fabre Foundation has been committed for many years in fighting against inequalities in access to health. Sickle cell disease is one of its priorities because it is a disease that is both widespread in Africa and unfortunately neglected, as is the protection and care of people with albinism, who are particularly vulnerable. By working with its local partners, health centres, patient associations and ministries to provide better care for sufferers, the Pierre Fabre Foundation is now a recognised player in Africa. This partnership with Canal + is an opportunity to highlight, inform and raise awareness about these great causes.

Discover the spot broadcast in January dedicated to the fight against sickle cell disease:

Discover the spot broadcast in February dedicated to albinism: