Master Mekong Pharma – From theory to practice!


The internship period begins for Master 2 students.

After four months of theory courses, the 14 students of the second Master Mekong Pharma class began their internships in Southeast Asia and France.

Master Mekong Pharma - Après la théorie, la pratique !

The students begin this phase of their professional development at a variety of establishments, such as pharmaceutical companies, national pharmacovigilance centres, research laboratories and hospitals.

Cambodian student Rada Penh is taking the Master Mekong Pharma course and shares his impressions.

For my Master 2, I chose to study Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Health Products (a master’s degree transferred from the University of Paris Descartes). I took the theory courses at Hanoi’s University of Pharmacy from September through December 2014.

I decided to come back and do my internship with a company in Cambodia. The subject my internship supervisor proposed was approved by the French Master 2 director, Dr Hanh Dufat (University of Paris Descartes). The subject meets companies’ current needs.

Work in quality and control is essential when it comes to producing and bringing to market high-quality medicines for patients here in Cambodia and the region.”

His internship supervisor, Dr Chea Sin, agrees: “The Master coursework in Quality Assurance has real added value for companies. This type of training did not previously exist in Cambodia. Pharmaceutical companies need specialist pharmacists.” He adds that “one student from the first graduating class is now a pharmacist who oversees a company’s quality control.

What could therefore be seen as simply a circle of former classmates is actually a network of drug professionals created through the Master Mekong Pharma. If you would like to learn more and make contacts within our community, join our Master Mekong Pharma group on the LinkedIn professional network.