Madagascar – Renovating a maternity ward in Ranopiso


A look back on a swift renovation that improves access to quality care for more than 10,000 people in southern Madagascar.

A maternity hospital that should now serve as a reference centre for training healthcare personnel.

Madagascar - Une maternité réhabilitée à Ranopiso

Ranopiso is a rural community south of Madagascar. In the city centre, close to the basic healthcare clinic that sees about twenty patients a day, the maternity hospital, dating from the 1950s, lies in ruins, totally abandoned. So, though nearly 50 women a month choose to have prenatal consultations at the basic healthcare clinic, most prefer to stay in their village and give birth at home, with only two or three coming in to give birth at the maternity hospital, due to lack of adequate infrastructure.

Comprehensive restoration
Fondation Pierre Fabre, a stakeholder in this rehabilitation project submitted by the Mayor of Ranopiso, signed a tripartite agreement in December 2014 with the Regional Department of Public Health (DRS) responsible for the maternity hospital, and the Fort Dauphin Lions’ Club (an international NGO that manages the project locally). The work entailed complete restoration of the structure within the four existing walls: roofing, electrical, exam room, delivery room, lavatories, post-delivery rooms, midwives office, etc. The project beneficiaries were involved, as well, and made important contributions: Ranopiso City Hall, for example, arranged housing for those accompanying patients, and the DRS provided material and furniture.

The renovation project in pictures

Six weeks later…
The maternity hospital was rebuilt in record time: just one and a half months to complete the work on the building’s shell, transform the interiors and install furniture and equipment. The facility was officially unveiled last 20 March with local residents in attendance, accompanied by representatives of the six communities surrounding Ranopiso, the Regional Director of Health and the Deputy Governor of the Lion’s Club. And, on opening day, 23 March 2015, the first baby was born there!