Let’s make sickle cell disease a public-health priority


Fifteen years after the Fondation Pierre Fabre’s first initiatives, it has become one of most important actors in fighting sickle cell disease in Africa through Its frontline Involvement In treating patients and relieving their symptoms, coordinating prevention and research, supporting local entities, and continually raising the awareness of governments and international organisations involved in health care.

Global advocacy  “African Sickle-Cell Initiative”

On 15 June 2022 in Paris, the Foundation is hosting the second meeting of the African Sickle-Cell Initiative, bringing together 33 participants from 13 French-speaking and English-speaking African countries.

The meeting’s objective is to take stock of progress made in the fight against sickle cell disease in each country and to assess the needs and priorities that would lead to sickle cell disease being officially considered a public health priority.

This event is being held in parallel with the Fourth Global Congress on Sickle Cell Disease, taking place in Paris for the first time and uniting more than 400 specialists from across the globe (16-18 June). The Fondation Pierre Fabre is one of the major partners of the congress, facilitating the participation of more than thirty experts, specialists and physicians from Africa.

Find our complete report on the concrete actions put in place and the recent progress of our programmes in Africa and Haiti.