Hanoi – Graduation ceremony at the University of Pharmacy


The second Master Mekong Pharma graduating class in Vietnam.

In Hanoi, on Monday, 26 October, the Master 2 diplomas were distributed to the second graduating class of Vietnamese students of the Master Pharma Mekong programme.

A fruitful collaboration
In his opening speech, Mr Hoa, Rector of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy, praised the depth and breadth of this programme, one that joins the forces of three Asian universities (Hanoi’s University of Pharmacy, Laos’ University of Health Sciences, Cambodia’s University of Health Science), three French universities (Paris Descartes University, Paul Sabatier University-Toulouse III and Aix-Marseille University), the AUF, the Coopération Française and Fondation Pierre Fabre as operator and sponsor.

Demonstrated academic achievement
The second graduating class had results that were as positive as those of their predecessors, both academically (with four students receiving first-class honours) and in terms of professional plans, with all students having either a job or projects underway. In line with the training’s objectives, the students will take positions at public health facilities (hospitals, drug control agencies, etc.), universities and research centres (three students wish to pursue their PhDs) or the pharmaceutical industry.

Miss Linh Nghiem acted as the class spokesperson: in impeccable French, she expressed her gratitude to the French and Asian professors who taught the courses during the two-year curriculum. She closed her statement with these words: “The Master Mekong Pharma was a magnificent opportunity for us. We each gave our very best to earn this degree, which now paves the way for us to a new life and a way to better serve our country by applying what we’ve learned.

The ceremony in pictures