The Fondation Pierre Fabre supports the St Damien Pediatric Hospital


The Fondation Pierre Fabre has been working to combat sickle cell disease in Haiti for several years and now expands this commitment to provide structural support to the St Damien Pediatric Hospital. The Foundation’s help was sought following the earthquake of 14 August 2021, which further weakened an already fragile healthcare system.

Amidst the country’s current and tragic socio-political challenges, the August 2021 earthquake intensified these difficulties and Haiti’s healthcare structures have since faced multiple patient-care problems. The natural disaster damaged 40% of health institutions in the southern part of the country, caused 2,200 deaths, injured more than 12,200 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

Strengthen the technical platforms of four hospital departments

As a result of these multiple crises, the Fondation Pierre Fabre decided to broaden the nature and scope of its assistance which, until this time, had been centred on the early detection and treatment of sickle cell disease. A budget of more than €80,000 was allocated to the St Damien Hospital to improve reception capacity and enhance the care provided to children and their families.

This support was divided among several departments that lacked equipment – Emergency, Maternity, Intensive Care and Neonatology – and provided an anaesthetic machine, a foetal monitor, two infusion pumps, a dozen nebulisers and more.