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 LEARN MORE about the Foundation and the key chapters in its history. BOARD of directors Fondation Pierre Fabre is overseen by a Board of Directors that meets at least twice annually. The Board establishes guidelines, approves strategic projects and ensures the proper management of the Foundation. It has 14 members divided into three colleges. THE COUNCIL OF FOUNDERS EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS                                         Mr Pierre-Yves Revol, President of the Fondation Pierre Fabre Mr Jacques Fabre, Secretary of the Fondation Pierre Fabre Mr Jacques Godfrain, Treasurer of the Fondation Pierre Fabre (former Minister for Cooperation)                                               Ms Huong Mangin, CEO of companies Mr Francis Piquemal, former Administrator of companies Mr Jean-Pierre Marcantoni, Doctor of Medicine specialising in Cardiology                       Ms Catherine Ferrier, Spokesperson for the French Interior Minister, Prefect of Tarn Fondation Pierre Fabre – 52 Mr Christophe Farnaud, Spokesperson for the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Director of North Africa and the Middle East in the Central Administration of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs 

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