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In Burkina Faso • Sickle Cell Anaemia Research and Treatment Centre (CRTD) Dermatoloty • Faculty of Medicine, • Saint-Camille Hospital • The Schiphra Medical Pharmacy and Odontostomatology (FMPOS), Bamako • Groupe d’Intervention d’Hématologie Association Centre, Ouagadougou • The Haematology In the Democratic Republic of the Congo • Health centres supported • Centre d’Expertise et de Recherche en Télémédecine et en E-Santé (CERTES) • Alliance Mondiale contre le Cancer Laboratory of the University of Health Sciences, Ouagadougou by the IECD in Pointe Noire • Solidarité pour l’Insertion des Albinos du Mali (SIAM) • Amitiés Solidaires • The South-West • The Sickle Cell Initiative Committee for Burkina (CID/B) In Guinea Paris Association for Dermatologist In-service Medical Training and Assessment (ASFORMED) • The Souro Sanou Hospital Centre, Bobo-Dioulasso • SOS Drépanocytaires Guinée Association In Mauritania • Secondary Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centre, Bobo-Dioulasso In Haiti • Mauritanian Dermatology Society • EDE AYITI Association • France-Guinée Association • Lao Anakhod Association • Order of Malta in Lebanon • Persis Ouahigouya Centre • The Yalgado Ouédraogo • The University Hospital of Peace (HUP) In the Democratic Republic of the Congo • The Monkole Hospital, Association • Red Blood Cell Disease Teaching Hospital Complex • The Saint-Damien Children’s Hospital Action Association – Ouagadougou • The National Association • The Sickle Cell Anaemia Association of Haiti (AAFH) Kinshasa • Bulenga Hospital Centre • Panzi Foundation DRC (SAMG) • Tawaka Association • CODEV Occitanie for the Integration of Persons with Albinism in Burkina Faso (ANIPA) In Laos In Senegal Association • Comité de coopération • The Burkinabé Society of Dermatology, Aesthetics and Cosmetology • The University of Health Sciences, Laos • Gaston Berger University, Saint-Louis, Senegal Castres-Huye Rwanda • The Standing Committee for Developing Countries In Cambodia • The Faculty of Nursing Science, Laos • Standing Voice • The University of Health Sciences, Cambodia • The National College of Midwifery In Togo Molecular Genetics • European Institute • The Faculty of Pharmacy, Phnom Penh In Lebanon • The University of Lomé • Togolese Dermatology for Cooperation and In Côte d’Ivoire • The Medical/Social Centre, Khaldieh Society (SOTODERM) • National Association of Development (IECD) • Kania Mod’Action • La chaîne de l’Espoir • Occitanie coopération • The Toulouse Oncopole • Institut Pasteur • The Yopougon d’Abidjan • The Medical/Social Centre, Kefraya Togolese Albinos (ANAT) Teaching Hospital Complex • Lebanese Association of Knights of Malta In Vietnam (AMCC) • Pan African Organisation In Cameroon • The University of Pharmacy, Hanoi for the Fight against AIDS • The Essos Hospital Centre, Yaoundé (CNPS) In Madagascar • The University of Pharmacy and Medecine, Ho Chi Minh City (OPALS) • Relais France-Europe de la • The Institut Pasteur in Cameroon • The University of Antananarivo Fondation Max Cadet • Telemedicine Network for • The Sickle Cell Disease Study Group in Cameroon (GEDRE PACAM) • The Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA) NON-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS AND NETWORKS SUPPORTED BY FONDATION PIERRE FABRE IN 2019 • Action Santé Solidarité French-speaking Africa In the Central African Republic • Association of Women In Mali Group in Central Africa Lawyers of the Central African Republic • The Sickle Cell Disease Research Centre, Bamako Afrique • Association pour le Summer University • World Francophone Digital PARTNERS of the Fondation Pierre Fabre LOCAL PARTNERS AND BENEFICIARIES • Amitié Sino-Centrafricaine Teaching Hospital (CRLD) • Bamako Hospital of Développement de l’Education et de la Psychologie en Asie (ADEPASE) • The Haiti State University Hospital (HUEH) • National Telemedecine Programme of Mauritania • The Faculty of Pharmacy, Vientiane In Tanzania (COPED) • Douleurs Sans Frontières • Montpellier Institute of • The HJRA Hospital, Antananarivo (RAFT) • The Sickle Cell Study • The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (REDAC) • The Castres eHealth Fondation Pierre Fabre – 54 University (UNFM - WFDU) • Sauver la Face 

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