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SEE THE REPORT produced in Mali on the implementation of teledermatology. DERMATOLOGY CURRENT PROGRAMMES remote diagnosis, training, treatment, prevention   TELEDERMATOLOGY PROGRAMMES Improve access to diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases.    TOGO  ACTIONS • Train 100 health workers in simple cases and the use of information and communi- cation technologies to refer complex cases • Equip 50 health centres • Develop a national guide in diagnosis and treatment of common dermatoses  2019 RESULTS • National diagnostic and treatment guide created and disseminated • Start of the pilot phase at 20 health centres in four Togo regions: Savanes, Kara, Centrale and Plateaux • 40 health workers trained      5 years (2018-2022)   PARTNER Togolese Society of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Infections - SOTODERM.        LEARN MORE   MALI  ACTIONS • Decentralise skills and capacity by training health workers in diagnosing and treating simple dermatosis cases or common derma- toses, and in using infor- mation and communication technologies to refer complex cases • Equip peripheral health centres  IMPACT • More than 1,100 cases sent via the Bogou re- mote diagnosis platform • 64 peripheral health centres involved • 87 agents trained in common dermatoses and use of digital tools      2 years (2018-2020)   PARTNERS Bamako Dermatology Hospital - Telemedicine Network for French-speaking Africa (RAFT) - Bamako Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Odontostomatology (FM-POS) - Centre d’Ex- pertise et de Recherche en Télédermatologie et en E-Santé (CERTES)        LEARN MORE     MAURITANIA  ACTIONS • Develop an electronic tele- dermatology platform • Train health workers and supply equipment to peri- pheral centres  OBJECTIVES • Coverage of 3 out of 6 Mauritanian regions • 12 health structures invol- ved in the programme • 24 health workers trained • 3,600 patients monitored per year      2 years (2018-2020)   PARTNERS National Telemedicine Programme of Mauri- tania - Mauritanian Dermatology Society       Fondation Pierre Fabre – 50 Budget: € 300,000 Budget: € 152,000 Budget: € 125,227 

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