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 LEARN MORE    eHEALTH INTERUNIVERSITY DEGREE (IUD): “HEALTHCARE INNOVATION AND PRACTICES”   MALI   ACTIONS • Arrange distance and face- to-face instruction • Provide students with finan- cial and logistical support (scholarships) • Disseminate key infor- mation to boost, plan, implement and evaluate eHealth projects • Identify and support eHealth ambassadors in various countries, with a common culture, to pro- mote coordinated develop- ment of interoperable and complementary solutions  2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • 17 students from eight African countries graduate with degrees • 14 Foundation scholarship students • Initial distance and face-to- face instruction provided by the professors from the three partner universities and outside experts       Since 2018   PARTNER University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies in Bamako - Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar - Félix Houphouët Boigny University in Abidjan          17 THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS IN THE FIRST CLASS OF THE eHEALTH INTERUNIVERSITY DEGREE (IUD), INTRODUCED IN 2019. THEY HAVE ALL GRADUATED.   LEARN MORE    GLOBAL eHEALTH SOUTH OBSERVATORY   AFRICA, SOUTHEAST ASIA, INDIA   ACTIONS • Create an open-source database of eHealth ini- tiatives having an impact on improving access to healthcare for the poorest populations • Conduct field surveys to document initiatives • Organise an annual call for proposals to identify and support initiatives • Hold an annual conference at Foundation headquar- ters with presentations from international experts • Live webcast accessed by the AUF’s digital campuses • Provide the winners with financial and technical support  2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • 5 winning initiatives sup- ported for 1 year • Hold 2 capacity-building workshops for the winners • More than 1,500 partici- pants attended the annual conference on “Capacity Building and Data aharing in eHealth” • 18 speakers represented 14 countries in Lavaur: Bur- kina Faso, Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, France, Gabon, India, Malaysia, Mali, Mongolia, Niger, Philip- pines, Senegal, Tanzania and the United States       Since 2016   PARTNERS Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie – Agence Française de Développement - Fon- dation de l’Avenir - Asia eHealth Information Network         EXPLORE THE DATABASE AND ALL THE WINNING INITIATIVES   SINCE THE GLOBAL SOUTH eHEALTH OBSERVATORY WAS ESTABLISHED 4 annual international and online conferences held 40 field surveys completed 150 initiatives listed and documented targeting 17 health topics 29 initiatives supported 76 beneficiary countries All information and videos are available on         Fondation Pierre Fabre – 43 Budget: € 332,000 Budget: € 61,000 

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