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eHEALTH CURRENT PROGRAMMES funding, support, training     CREATION OF A CENTRE FOR INNOVATION AND DIGITAL HEALTH AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCES, TECHNIQUES AND TECHNOLOGIES OF BAMAKO   MALI   ACTIONS • Renovate premises • Supply equipment, furni- shings, computer equip- ment (server, computers, video projectors, printers) • Provide an internet connec- tion  2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • Assemble eHealth In- teruniversity Degree (IUD) students at the centre • Implement the server for online courses for all pre- and post-doctorate medical and pharmacy students • Use the centre for physi- cian training in areas of specialisation (medical IT and health information system modules, bibliogra- phic health research)       Since 2018   PARTNER University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies in Bamako     INCREASED SUPPORT FOR TWO eHEALTH OBSERVATORY WINNERS These two eHealth initiatives, though having previously won in 2018, have received increased support to help scale up their solutions. • Khushi Baby – A connected pendant to centralise children’s health data in India. The Foundation’s increased support will make it possible to extend the project to the rural Udaipur district (three million inhabitants), increasing coverage from 350 to 1,000 villages. • Opération Asha – Detect, manage, monitor adherence to treatment and health data to help fight tuberculosis in Cambodia. The increased support means the project can be extended to the rural Baray district. The project will then cover a total population of 3.46 million, an increase in programme coverage from 14% of the country’s population to around 22%. The financial support provided to these two projects in 2019 amounts to €137,000.        RECOGNISED EXPERTISE In 2019, the Fondation Pierre Fabre was invited to present its initiatives in the field of eHealth and to share its experience at more than a dozen international events and conferences. Fondation Pierre Fabre – 42 Budget: € 40,000 

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