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  LEARN MORE WATCH THE VIDEO PROFILE of Souksanh, a young Laotian pharmacist who graduated from the Master Mékong Pharma programme.     SUPPORT MIDWIFE TRAINING AT THE NATIONAL COLLEGE OF MIDWIFERY IN VIENTIANE FOR IMPROVED MOTHER AND CHILD CARE   LAOS       ACTIONS • Strengthen teaching capacities • Support education of midwifery students • Finance needed educational equipment 2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • Structuring of several management concerns in the school: organisation chart, staffing and skill levels, alumni directory • 2 train-the-trainers seminars and 8 teaching missions by outside instructors to teach female students • Training courses in Thailand for teachers and female students • Hands-on internships for female students in district hospitals • Master’s-level training of 3 teachers from Vientiane at Thailand’s Chiang Mai University • 3-week internship for a Laotian instructor at the Centre Hospitalier intercommunal in Castres-Mazamet       5 years (2015-2020)      MASTER MÉKONG PHARMA: TRAINING VITAL SPECIALISTS TO MAKE SOUTHEAST ASIA’S ENTIRE DRUG SUPPLY CHAIN SAFER   CAMBODIA, LAOS, VIETNAM    ACTIONS • Implement the project with the eight Asian and French partner universities • Fund six gradua- ting classes of the Master’s programme (teaching missions, scholarships) • Coordinate educa- tional and logistical elements via an Asia- based Foundation manager RESULTS AFTER SIX YEARS • 133 drug specialists, from six classes, received degrees: 38% trained in clinical pharmacology, 38% in drug quality, 16% in pharmaceutical development of nanomedicines, 8% in pharma- cokinetics • 250 teaching missions by 86 French and Asian instructors and experts • 8,750 hours of lessons given • 81 training sessions for Asian instructors via the Agence Uni- versitaire de la Francophonie • 137 internships for students arranged worldwide       8 years (2012-2019)   PARTNER Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie - Scientific and Cultural Initiatives Departments of the French Embassies in Southeast Asia - University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi University of Pharma- cy - Cambodia University of Health Sciences – Laos University of Health Sciences - Uni- versity of Aix-Marseille - University of Angers - University of Paris-Descartes - University of Toulouse-III Paul Sabatier             PARTNERS Laos Ministry of Health - Vientiane Univer- sity of Health Sciences in Laos - Faculty of Nursing Sciences - Lao Anakhod Asso- ciation - Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Castres-Mazamet    Support for researcher The Foundation awards training grants to a number of young scientists in the health field through its various programmes. in 2019 it awarded 10 doctoral grants, five master’s grants and two grants for specialised degrees, three to physicians and 14 to pharmacists. Among these 17 recipients from seven countries (guinea, laos, mali, madagascar, drc, togo, vietnam), 15 already held university (12) or teaching hospital (3) positions. training     RESEARCH PROGRAMME: Assess the penetration of sub-standard and/or counterfeit medicines   LAOS, CAMBODIA, THAILAND  ACTIONS This programme is based on the study of the pharmaceutical quality of a pharmacologic class (antiepileptics). Medicines are sampled in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand in official distribution channels (pharmacies, etc.) and grey-economy markets        3 years (2018-2020)  PARTNER University of Limoges        Fondation Pierre Fabre – 19 Budget: € 175,000 Budget: € 1,750,000 Budget: € 393,450 

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