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 Our partnership LISTEN TO OUR SECOND PODCAST with Professors Jean Cros of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Toulouse and Yao Potchoo of the University of Lomé.  PROFESSOR NGUYEN THANH BINH Rector, Hanoi University of Pharmacy The Hanoi University of Pharmacy begins a new chapter in its collaboration with the Fondation Pierre Fabre. Could you talk to us about the Master Mékong Pharma? Our partnership with the Foundation is one of the most extensive and lasting we have enjoyed, because it has led to our working with four French and three Asian universities. It is also one of the most in-depth collaborations: not only has the Master Mékong Pharma helped educate our students, but it has also improved our teacher training, making it possible for us to upgrade our curriculum to keep pace with the latest European research. Can you tell us about the students of the six graduating classes? A total of 89 Vietnamese students were awarded the Master Mékong Pharma, which means that many more drug specialists now qualified to work in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical supply chain. All of them either found a job applying their qualifications or pursued their studies to earn a doctorate. They will help improve the pharmaceutical supply chain, ensuring the population has access to quality medicines. What’s more, the programme made it possible for students and professors from France, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to learn from one another and grasp that the weaknesses of one country could be compensated for by the strengths of another. What are your expectations in introducing the Pharma Network in Asia? We hope to continue the high-level training for our instructors, of course. I’m also looking forward to starting the research partnership. Collaborative studies, involving a great number of universities in many countries, will help us solve large-scale problems and improve the research capacities of Asia’s pharmacy universities. I also hope to see many articles published as a result of our joint research. 133 NEW PHARMACISTS have graduated from the Master Mékong Pharma since 2013   GOOD TO KNOW  Fighting counterfeit medicines The fight against counterfeit-drug trafficking is the impetus behind the founding of the Fondation Pierre Fabre and its support for the pharmaceutical sector in the Global South. In 2009, the Foundation joined forces with the Fondation Chirac and committed to the Benin-led Cotonou Declaration to raise awareness about the ravages of this scourge. The Declaration, ratified by 30 countries, has played an important role in coalescing and reinforcing international action on this issue, especially in the European Union.    with the Foundation is  one of the most  extensive and lasting  we have enjoyed    Fondation Pierre Fabre – 17 

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