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ACCESS TO QUALITY HEALTHCARE CURRENT PROGRAMMES funding, care, support, training    3,240 victims of sexual violence will be treated in Bangui over four years LEARN MORE     CREATION OF A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY TREATMENT CENTRE FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE   BANGUI, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC   ACTIONS • Renovate the obstetrics/gy- naecology department of the Central African partner hospital • Strengthen capacities for psychological treatment and public awareness cam- paigns on gender-based violence • Strengthen the skills of the Association of Women Lawyers of the Central Afri- can Republic for improved legal assistance • Provide training in inco- me-generating activities for victims’ socio-economic recovery  IMPACT OVER 4 YEARS • 3,240 victims will have access to comprehensive treatment • 540 women with prolapse or obstetric fistulas will be treated • Skills strengthened in staff of the Hôpital de l’Amitié obstetrics/gynaecology department and members of the Association of Women Lawyers       4 years (2020-2024)   PARTNERS Agence Française de Développement - Panzi DRC Foundation - Dr Denis Mukwege Founda- tion - Institut Francophone pour la Justice et la Démocratie - Association of Women Lawy- ers of the Central African Republic - Amitié Sino-Centrafricaine teaching hospital complex (Hôpital de l’Amitié)        LEARN MORE    COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL AND GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE   BULENGA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO   ACTIONS • Fund medical and psychological activities for victim treatment • Build a victims’ shelter • Support hospital operations 2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • 69 victims of sexual violence treated free of charge • 123 obstetric fistula patients treated free of charge • 2,730 people informed about sexual and gender-based violence through public- awareness efforts • 1 shelter built • 1 patient database made operational        2 years (2018-2020)   PARTNERS Dr Denis Mukwege Foundation - Panzi DRC Foundation - Institut Francophone pour la Justice et la Démocratie            42%OF PATIENTS IN THE MOBILE MEDICAL UNIT IN LEBANON ARE UNDER 11 YEARS OF AGE. Fondation Pierre Fabre – 34 Budget: € 446,065 Budget: € 4,200,000 

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