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  LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST “The origins of a humanitarian foundation unlike any other in France,” with a Pierre Fabre audio archive and commentary by Foundation President Pierre-Yves Revol and Executive Director Béatrice Garrette. IMPROVING ACCESS TO QUALITY HEALTHCARE in the Global South  MISSION To enable communities from less advanced and emerging countries, as well as those plunged into severe crisis by political or economic upheaval and/or natural disaster, to access the quality and levels of everyday healthcare defined by the WHO and other organisations as essential to human health. Initiatives in the field... The Foundation operates in around twenty resource-poor countries. The initiatives undertaken in these lands are tailored to local health needs and identified through calls for projects or direct requests. They are then implemented in the field by local partners, academics, the physicians and staff of the healthcare structures involved, civil society organisations, etc., with support from Foundation staff who have thorough knowledge of the countries in which the interventions take place. Scientific and medical expertise... Through its own expertise and that of its Scientific Committee, the Foundation helps informs the choice, development and final construction of the projects, which are then approved by its Board of Directors. In partnership with local authorities and entities... The Foundation’s work is achieved through a network of trusted partners in the countries in which it operates to address the populations’ health needs sustainably and over the long term. Its support is also provided over the long term to ensure skills development in its partners so that the initiatives remain sustainably viable. With a focus on innovation... Because Western models are not always suitable for the conditions and challenges of countries with limited resources, the Foundation explores technological or social innovations that can bridge inequalities in access to healthcare. Innovation is central to the work of the Global South eHealth Observatory, but the Foundation also strives to nourish all its programmes with innovative thinking. To provide global and systemic responses The Foundation has chosen first and foremost to address unjustly neglected issues and pathologies, where international funding is absent despite major human needs, such as the lack of pharmacists or sickle- cell disease, the world’s leading genetic disease. It has acquired experience that makes it possible to focus on building robust and replicable programmes from a proven model. A successful local project can thus be scaled up to a country, then duplicated in areas with similar needs, to maximise the model’s impact. A Foundation recognised as beign of public utility Disinterestedly and independently, with a strictly humanitarian goal, the Fondation Pierre Fabre was awarded charitable status on 6 April 1999. This status entails government oversight of the Foundation’s activities through the State’s presence on the Board of Directors with two representatives. A shareholding foundation The Fondation Pierre Fabre is the main shareholder of the Pierre Fabre Group, with an 86% share. This organisation, unique in France at this level of commitment, makes it possible to endow the Foundation with sustainable means to finance its work. The Fondation Pierre Fabre is not directly involved in the operational management of the Group, devoting itself exclusively to performing the work set forth in its statutes. METHODS STATUS   Fondation PIERRE FABRE 100% PIERRE FABRE PARTICIPATIONS Fondation 8Pi6er%re Fabre – 5 PIERRE FABRE SA 

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