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COMBATING SICKLE-CELL DISEASE CURRENT PROGRAMMES screening, treatment, training, research   LEARN MORE LEARN MORE    PREVENTION, DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF SICKLE-CELL DISEASE   BURKINA FASO   ACTIONS • Conduct neonatal scree- ning programme at three partner health centres • Equip Saint-Camille hos- pital (day-hospital rooms and orthopaedic operating theatre) • Create two information centres to receive public and raise awareness • Equip the university analy- sis laboratory for neonatal screening • Provide pain-management training for healthcare staff  2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • Strengthened the Ouaga- dougou information centre and the secondary information and treatment centre in Bobo-Dioulasso (human resources and operations) • Screened 1,200 people • Held awareness sessions for 2,500 people • Designed communication media       5 years (2014-2019)   PARTNERS Sickle-cell Disease Initiative Committee in Burkina (CID/B) - Saint-Camille Hospital, Haematology Laboratory of the Ouagadou- gou University of Health Sciences - Douleurs Sans Frontières    DEVELOPMENT OF THE RESEARCH CENTRE TO COMBAT SICKLE-CELL DISEASE   MALI   ACTIONS • Fund healthcare personnel and purchase medicines and vaccines • Establish a clinical patient database • Offer training programme for health personnel • Decentralise sickle-cell disease treatment activities in three health districts (Kayes, Sikasso, Ségou) • Take part in research programmes  2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • 11,228 patients registered with the centre • 6,063 patients actively monitored • 9,380 consultations • 17 scientific information sessions for 208 health professionals • 46.4% of the centre’s patient files have been digitised       3 years (2018-2020)   PARTNER Mali Ministry of Health                     INITIATIVE DRÉPANOCYTOSE AFRIQUE (AFRICAN SICKLE-CELL INITIATIVE): INTERNATIONAL ADVOCACY TO HAVE SICKLE-CELL DISEASE BE INCLUDED IN THE WORLD HEALTH AGENDA  INTERNATIONAL ADVOCACY  ACTIONS • Hold a workshop attended by the Ministers of Health of Nigeria and the Central African Republic, repre- sentatives for the Ministers of Health of Togo, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Burundi, WHO representatives and 14 experts from 11 African and Indian Ocean countries 2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • Established an intervention strategy and priority objectives • Adopted a joint declaration  This initiative will be renewed and extended to other countries in 2020      SUPPORT FOR THE CONAKRY SICKLE-CELL TREATMENT CENTRE   GUINEA CONAKRY  ACTIONS • Support setting up laboratory and pharmacy activities • Support training for centre healthcare staff  2019 ACHIEVEMENTS • Recruited 1 pharmacist and 1 biologist • Funded education for 2 physicians in sickle-cell disease university diploma (DU) from Bamako • Financed renovation of centre and equipment installation       3 years (2019-2021)   PARTNER SOS Drépanocytaires Guinée non-profit organisation         Fondation Pierre Fabre – 26 Budget: € 300,039 Budget: € 360,818 Budget: € 530,000 

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