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  Dr Nora Saint Victor, Saint Damien Paediatric Hospital, Haiti. Fondation Pierre Fabre – 23 KEY EVENTS 2019 ADVOCACY “Initiative Drépanocytose Afrique” (African Sickle-cell disease Initiative): A joint declaration was signed with political and scientific representatives of 11 African countries for sickle-cell disease to be included in the global health agenda. GUINEA CONAKRY Creation and support of pharmacy, laboratory and blood-transfusion activities of the Centre to Combat Sickle-cell Disease in Conakry. BURKINA FASO Opening of a secondary information centre at the Bobo-Dioulasso teaching hospital. SENEGAL Opening of the Centre for Sickle-cell Disease Research and Outpatient Treatment (CERPAD) in Saint-Louis-du- Senegal. CAMEROON, REPUBLIC OF CONGO, MADAGASCAR, DRC Creation of a platform to improve sickle-cell disease treatment. 2014 BURKINA FASO Sickle-cell disease prevention, diagnosis and management programme. 2014 HAITI Neonatal sickle-cell screening programme at Saint-Damien hospital. 2013 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Improved treatment of sickle-cell disease at the Bangui paediatric complex. 2012 MADAGASCAR Programme support for the non-profit organisation Lutte Contre la Drépanocytose (LCDM). 2011 RDC Support for the sickle-cell disease unit at the Monkole hospital. 2010 MALI Opening of the Research Centre to Combat Sickle-cell Disease (CRLD) in Bamako.  2019 2016 2015 2014 

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