The Fondation Pierre Fabre has announced a call for regional proposals to support initiatives leading to improved healthcare in the Global South. Proposals can be submitted from 12 November 2018 to 31 January 2019.

Cooperative partners in the Occitanie region that support improved healthcare in the Global South are invited to submit their applications to receive financial support from the Fondation Pierre Fabre. The Occitanie Coopération network, of which the Fondation Pierre Fabre has been a member for several years, will provide advice and assistance to organisations wishing to respond to the call for projects.

What are the conditions for eligibility?
To be eligible, projects must:

  • be backed by an association or institution (community, healthcare institution, university, etc.) based in Occitanie;
  • not exceed two years in duration;
  • benefit a French-speaking country in sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, the Caribbean (other than French departments) or a Southeast Asian country (in the areas where Fondation Pierre Fabre is active);
  • respect the Foundation’s established objectives;
  • involve one or more local partners.

On April 2018, six associations from the Occitanie region receive project support from the Fondation Pierre Fabre. Learn more about their projects and the ceremony.