Vietnam – The third graduating class of the Master Mekong Pharma


On 15 November, the 15 students of the Master Mekong Pharma Class of 2016 received their degrees during a ceremony held at the Hanoi University of Pharmacy, an event attended by representatives of partner universities, the Fondation Pierre Fabre, Vietnam’s French Embassy and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

The Master Mekong Pharma, established in 2012 through a Fondation Pierre Fabre initiative, trains the drug specialists that are critical to public health in Southeast Asia.

The ceremony was attended by the management and faculty of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP), students from other graduating classes and programme partners; it was a poignant and exciting moment for everyone present. Mr Hoa, Rector of the Hanoi University of Pharmacy, spoke of the importance of strengthening, at the highest level, the human resources required to secure the region’s drug chain, and accomplishing that with an internationally recognised degree. Professor Françoise Nepveu stressed the graduating class’ in-depth understanding of the subject, as well as the students’ solidarity, adding that the bonds forged between the students from three countries would benefit their coming careers and support cooperation in the region.

Six of the graduates earned the Master 2 in Clinical Pharmacology awarded by Toulouse’s Université Paul Sabatier, two earned the Master 2 in Pharmacokinetics awarded by Aix-Marseille University and seven earned the Master 2 in Medicine Quality awarded by Paris Descartes University. Student performance was once again superb this year, with half the graduates receiving upper second-class or first-class honours.

This demanding academic training is clearly recognised by professionals in the health and medicine sectors, as half the students in the class have already found employment in the industry, at public health institutions or in the academic world. This trend confirms the 97% employment rate of the previous graduating classes. The alumni network now has 56 graduates in three countries (see the alumni photo directory below, which can be downloaded).

The Master Mekong Pharma programme continues to evolve and expand: the University of Angers’ Master 2, Pharmaceutical Development of Nanomedicines, will be offered at Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University in the fall of 2017.

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Download the Master Mekong Pharma alumni directory – pdf – 1.29 MB

The ceremony in pictures