Togo – Supporting the Tawaka humanitarian association


The Fondation Pierre Fabre supports the association in the fight against skin diseases at the Saint-Luc de Tchannadè community clinic in northern Togo.

Support for the clinic includes resources for treatment of keloids.

Since 2006, the Tawaka humanitarian association has been leading international solidarity initiatives at Saint-Luc de Tchannadè community clinic in general medicine, ophthalmology and dermatology. Dermatology is the area in which the Foundation is making its commitment to the association by launching a keloid treatment project. In February 2016, during one of the missions of biologist and doctor Frédéric Dubois, general practitioner Marie Christine Dubois, and dermatologist-venereologist Patrick Guadagnin, the Foundation was able to pursue the project’s implementation.

Medical visits and training
Starting in 2011, the association’s dermatologists began regular missions at the Saint-Luc de Tchannadè clinic. These served as opportunities to train the local healthcare personnel, and the team’s dermatology skills increase with each passing year: treatment of severe wounds, appropriate choice of dressings, minor surgical interventions, etc. During the mission in February, approximately 30 dermatological medical consultations were held at the clinic with the help of medical assistant Jean Baguewabena, and about 80 were held in the village of Kouméa. Four cases of keloid scars were also diagnosed.

Targeted support
Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloids are caused by a process of excessive scarring, growth of which continues and spreads indefinitely. Black skin is frequently affected by these scars. Though not life-threatening, these scars often lead to rejection or social exclusion. The Foundation, in partnership with Tawaka, is addressing this cause by financing the equipment and corticosteroids needed to treat keloids in 30 patients.

During the February mission, a portion of the material was given to the local healthcare staff. Delivery and installation of sterilisation equipment for medical materials will make it possible to begin bringing treatment and relief to patients.